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SWFL Preparatory & Technical Institute

Through athletic training mentality, Southwest Florida Preparatory & Technical Institute will prepare students for a lifetime both on and off the field, focusing on independence, accountability, financial literacy, and the value of education and technical training.

Experience an educational and athletic opportunity like no other. Students will attend a credit recovery program and/or attend a Technical College and/or attend classes for college credit to receive training in a field of your choice while also participating in athletic training with the best in SWFL. Be a part of the Seahawk Football Program that will help you transition to a NCAA/NAIA college.


SWFL Preparatory and Technical Institute Inc. is a non-profit organization that celebrates diversity in academic levels and backgrounds. We provide a supportive environment, tailored to cater to individuals' needs and preferences. Our institute offers SAT preparation classes and testing, credit recovery classes, college classes and technical courses, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to pursue their interests and thrive in their future endeavors.


Most Athletes in our program fall into the following categories. We do custom tailor their schedules based upon their individual needs.


We provide guidance and tutoring for all levels and for individualized courses in order for the athletes to maximize their study time and knowledge. When it's time to test we facilitate testing according to individual and program needs.


Some athletes need additional high school or college credits to be eligible for a four year university. We offer support and guidance and team with educators to ensure each athlete is receiving the support they need. 



We encourage our athletes to take college classes either online or in person when eligible. We are not directly affiliated with any colleges however we make recommendations on an individual basis.


In some cases, our athletes desire learning a trade. We support their journey and work closely with local programs to assist each person to succeed



Scholarship Recipients

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Rylee Caldwell 

Joshua Johnson

Marsha Foreman

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